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Welcome to our online shop!
We make every item to orders.We can't mass-produce because all of our products are handmade.

*Process to products dispatch
"Placed order"
"Finished Manufacturing"
"We announce to you"
"Make your payment"
"Payment confirmed"
"Ship product"
@EWe cannot ship before we comfirm payment.

*The payment method
Payment frame
@ Goods price (incl.consumption tax
+ shipping cost

Please, Payment in only Japanese YEN.

*The shipping method "EMS"

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*Please type it with "order" in the e-mail title.

Please type the following matter in e-mail

#Address (exact)
#Telephone number
#The goods number <order quantity>
example :
*2A-001 M38 Leggings---\3,300/(\3,465)<1>

<Product List> ---price/yen

*2A-001 M38 Leggings---/(\3,465)
2A-001SP M38 Leggings(tight)---/(\4,620)
2A-001CUT Cut Leggings---/(\3,570)
2A-001BOOT remodeled boots---/(\5,900)(\6,980)(\8,980)

*2A-002-a Trousers(with side pockets)---/(\3,150)
2A-002-b Trousers(without side pockets)---/(\3,150)
2A-002-c Trousers(sand)---/(\3,150)
2A-003 Trouser Belt---/(\525)
@<Trousers + Trouser Belt = /(\3,570) >

*2A-004 M1 Bandoleer (with metal weights 6)---/(\2,520)

*2A-005 M41 Field Jacket---/(\6,090)
2A-005-s M41 Field Jacket(S-size)---/(\6,090)

*2A-006-1 Rank Chevlons & Div. Patches---/(\1,260)
2A-006-2 Rank Chevlons & Div. Patches---/(\1,680)

*2A-007 Paratrooper Uniform Set(Coat & Trousers)---/(\10,290)
choice--- 2A-007-L-a / 2A-007-M-a / 2A-007-L-b / 2A-007-M-b

*2A-008 Assault Vest---/(\11,340)

*2A-009 The shirt for soldiers---/(\3,570)
2A-009-s The shirt (sand)---/(\3,570)
2A-010 The shirt for officers---/(\3,780)
2A-009-omitted (for soldiers)---/(\2,835)
2A-010-omitted (for officers)---/(\2,835)
2A-011 T-shirt (OD or white)---/(\2,625)
2A-033 Tie (brown or black or sand)---/(\1,029)

*2A-012 M28 HaverSack---/(\6,510)

*2A-013 M23 Cartrige Belt (with metal weights 10)---/(\8,190)

*2A-014 Buckle etc.---/(\3,129)

*2A-015 Medic Gear---/(\8,190)
2A-015-b Medical bag---/(\4,515)

*2A-016 BAR Magazine Belt (with metal weights 12)---/(\8,190)

*2A-017 Suspender, M1936, Standard---/(\2,100)
2A-017-o Suspender, M1936, Standard (with pad)---/(\2,625)
2A-017-r Suspender, M1936, Standard (with rivet)---/(\2,205)

*2A-018 Tanker Jacket---/(\6,090)
2A-018-b Tanker Jacket(initial model)---/(\6,090)

*2A-019 HBT Jacket---/(\3,780)

*2A-020 M43 suit---/(\11,340)
2A-020-B M43 suit-B---/(\12,600)
2A-020 M43 Jacket---/(\8,190)
2A-020-H M43 Jacket-Hood---/(\2,940)

*2AN-021-A U.S.N.Set-A---/(\14,700)
2AN-021-B U.S.N.Set-B---/(\14,700)

*2AN-022 U.S.N.Parka---/(\6,195)

*2AN-023 U.S.N.Deck Pants-OD---/(\5,145)
2AN-023 U.S.N.Deck Pants-gray---/(\5,145)

*2AN-024 U.S.N.Life Jacket---/(\5,460)

*2AN-029 U.S.N.M-426 flightsuit---/(\10,290)
2AN-029-r U.S.N.M-426 flightsuit(S-size)---/(\10,290)
2AN-030 U.S.N.M-450 flight helmet(Incomplete thing)---/(\4,620)
*2AN-031 U.S.N./JK---/(\6,090)
U.S.N./Knit cap---/(\2,079)


*2A-028-M51 suit<a /or b /or c>---/(\12,600)

*2A-034 Mountain Jacket---/(\8,190)
2A-035 Mountain Trousers---/(\3,675)
2A-036 Mountain Gaiters---/(\4,620)

*2A-037 ETO FJ---/(\7,140)

*2A-038 OverCoat---/(\7,140)

*2A-039 Parka (A)---/(\7,140)

*2AH-1-M1 Helmet (onry helmet)---/(\8,190)
2AH-2-Tank Helmet (onry helmet)---/(\13,440)

*2USMC-001 USMC M1941 suit---/(\8,190)
2USMC-002 USMC M1941 cap---/(\3,990)
2USMC-003 USMC Leggings(tight)---/(\5,040)
*2USMC-E-004-a MC Pack(flap)---/(\5,040)
*2USMC-E-004-b MC Pack(bag)---/(\5,040)
*2USMC-E-005 cargo bag---/(\3,885)
*2USMC-E-006 MC cross-flap caver---/(\2,520)

*VA-001 Jungle Fatigue suit---/(\10,290)


*2A-E-001 M10 Canteen Cover---/(\2,310)
*2A-E-001-D M10 Canteen cover & Canteen(weight-20g)---/(\3,885-)

*2A-E-002 First Aid Pouch (with metal weight 1)---/(\1,470)

*2A-E-003 Compass Pouch (with metal weight 1)---/(\1,470)

*2A-E-004 Bag,Spare Magazine (with metal weights 5)---/(\3,150)

*2A-E-005 Rigger Pouch M1 (S-size) (with metal weights 3)---/(\1,890)

*2A-E-006 Rigger Pouch M1 (L-size) (with metal weights 3)---/(\1,890)

*2A-E-007 Dispatch Case (with metal weights 5)---/(\4,410)

*2A-E-008 Carrier,Entrenching Tool,M43,Transitional---/(\2,100)
*2A-E-008-D Carrier,Entrenching Tool,M43,Transitional
&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&&& dummy Shovel---/(\3,150)

*2A-E-009 Carrier,Shovel,M10 T-Handle---/(\1,680)

*2A-E-010 Pistol Belt---/(\4,200)

*2A-E-011 Extra Ammunition Bag (with metal weights 4)---/(\3,990)
*2A-E-011-B Extra Ammunition Bag-big
(with metal weights 4)---/(\3,990)

*2A-E-012 Pistol magazine pocket---/(\1,680)

*2A-E-013 Gas Mask M1A1 Case---/(\3,150)

*2A-E-014 Musette Bag---/(\3,360)
*2A-E-014-B Musette Bag B---/(\3,885)

*2A-E-015 Pocket,Thompson SMG 20-Round magazines---/(\3,990)

*2A-E-016 First Aid Pouch-Airborn(with metal weights)---/(\1,470)

*2A-E-017 Jungle First Aid Pouch---/(\1,680)

*2A-E-018 Wire Cutters carrier Pouch---/(\924)

*2A-E-019 Machete carrier---/(\924)

*2A-E-020 Duffel Bag---/(\2,940)

*2A-E-021 Signal Flag Set---/(\3,990)

*2A-E-022 Canvas Buket---/(\2,100)


*2A-G-001 Mittens, Trigger Finger---/(\4,095)
*2A-G-002 US Glove---/(\1,890)
*2J-G-003 Japan Glove---/(\2,625)


*2A-C-001 A-4 Mechanic's cap---/(\2,079)
*2A-C-002 l-1941 Knit cap---/(\2,625)
*2A-C-003 The Pile field cap---/(\4,620)
*2A-C-004-a M43 Field Cap with Ear Flaps---/(\3,360)
*2A-C-004-b M43 Field Cap with Ear Flaps---/(\3,360)


*Magic neck head-1---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-2---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-3---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-4---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-5---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-6---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-7---/(\13,000)
*Magic neck head-8---/(\13,000)

Metal Weights

*D-1 (THOMPSON magazine size)---/(\241)one piece

*D-2 (M1 GARRAND magazine size)---/(\231)one piece

*D-3 (BAR magazine size)---/(\241)one piece

*D-4 (CARBINE magazine size)---/(\231)one piece

*D-5 (M16 magazine size)---/(\252)one piece

*D-6 (M4 magazine size)---/(\241)one piece

*D-10 (camouflage cloths)---/(\1,029)one piece

Japanese Air Man
*2JP-001 Japanese Frying suit(one piece)---/(\10,290)
*2JP-002 Japanese Frying Helmet---/(\9,240)
*2JP-003 Japanese Life Jacket---/(\8,190)
*2JP-004 Japanese Gloves parts---/(\2,940)
*2JP-005 Japanese insignia---/(\525)

*Japanease Mechanic
*2J-006 Japanese/for mechanic (one piece)---/(\7,140)
*2J-007 Japanese/for mechanic (cap)---/(\3,990)
*2J-J-003 Japanese Glove---/(\2,625)

*2G-001 German M36---/(\10,290)
*2G-002 German M43---/(\10,290)
*2G-OP1 belt hook hoie---/(\2,000)

*German Paratrooper
German Jump Smock---/(\9,240)
*2G-004 German Paratrooper trousers---/(\4,410)

*German Coat
*2G-005-a German Coat---/(\7,140)
*2G-005-b German Coat---/(\7,560)

*2B-001 Uniform---/(\10,290)
*2B-002 Puttees---/(\

@Final products by custom of MATSU@BE@

For custom of body
Example of usage

T-001 Sponge Tape---/(\980-)

SizeF10mm (thickness)
15mm (width)
4m (length)